Feeding program in the Philippines Update 8-11-16

The following children are currently being fed in our Global Kids Now feeding program. KRISTINE MISLANG FLOREZ AGE: 10 BIRTHDATE: February 28, 2005 PLACE OF BIRTHDATE: Dagupan City GENDER: Female RONALD GANTE CALLANTA AGE: 7 BIRTHDATE: July 27,2008 PLACE OF BIRTH: Dagupan City GENDER: Male RON-RON GONZALES CEREZO AGE: 8 BIRTHDATE: September 14. 2008 PLACE OF BIRTH: Dagupan City GENDER: Male GERARDO LATONERO BENGHIT, JR. AGE: [...]


Good News Community Church 3rd Floor Victoria Hotel Annex, Nable Street, Dagupan City SPONSORS: Global Kids Now, Ptr. Lemton and Ptra. Venjie AgricolaRECIPIENTS PROFILE:Name: Rodney Aquino Age: 13 years old Birthday: May 7, 2002 School: Dona Victoria Q. Zarate Elementary School Grade Level: Grade 5Name: Rhiz Joaquin Aquino Age: 12 years old Birthday: September 12, 2003 School: Dona [...]

Feeding program in the Philippines

We've started the feeding program in the Philippines with about 10 kids for now and more to come soon. These are last weeks Feeding Program's pictures of the kid's meals and them eating, praying, and worshiping. They've been all de-wormed and now are they are on a healthy path.

Now in the Philippines

These are some of the children Global Kids Now is helping through our feeding programs which include meals, education, physical screenings, proper etiquette, and biblical teachings. Our teachers have a genuine heart of Christ to serve the children in these communities with the goal to raise up these children [...]