Biography of Wilner St. Fort

[Wilner shown in the center]

Wilner’s mother abandoned him while he was very young, leaving his father to raise him. His father loved him, but when Wilner was four, his father died and his uncle in Belle-Fontaine took him in. This uncle treated Wilner like a slave. Wilner was allotted no time to play and all of his time was consumed with manual labor. If he did not work, he was punished. Wilner felt that the only person in the world that liked him was his grandmother, but she was unable to take care of him.

At the age of ten, Wilner ran away from his uncle to Port-au-Prince. There he began to live on the street. He ate garbage scraps from local restaurants. He was often beaten by older street children. When he would scream for help, no one came to help him. He felt very alone.

In 2001, Wilner St. Fort, whom we first see recovering from wounds sustained after being run over by a car while sleeping at the side of road. Wilner, now twenty-two, lived a life that no small child should ever live. Now he dedicates his life to give hope to those who suffer the most, the street kids. He now partners with Haiti Kids Now to get children off the street. He currently take care of seven children in Belle-Fontaine in the country, away from the dangerous streets of Port-au-Prince.


You can get regular updates on Wilner at his facebook page:

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