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Under Your Shade by Dennis James Lee & the Free To Follow Band

One avenue GLOBAL KIDS NOW utilizes to share of the goodness and compassion of our great God is through multimedia, visual arts, and original faith-based music that is geared toward the U.S. and international audiences.  It is our vision to not only supply housing, food and education but, to also teach the children about God’s compassionate love and mercies He has for them.

Leapfrog Productions is one of our generous sponsors who proudly released their newest CD in 2013 by Dennis James Lee and Free to Follow band entitled, “Under Your Shade”.  This new music album includes their song titled, ‘Light From My Heart’ as well as other original music that was showcased in the short film documentary, “Innocence Abandoned: Street Kids of Haiti”.  Leapfrog Productions has graciously dedicated a portion of their proceeds from both the film and CD to GLOBAL KIDS NOW which has helped to cover the cost for our new orphanage that was built in ‘Croix des Bouquets’, located on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  We found Croix des Bouquets to be of a lesser “big city” influence on the children, offering them a greater opportunity to have stability in an educational and caring environment.

Thank you for supporting this worthy cause which will help the street kids have a more hopeful childhood they certainly deserve.

All music and products are available on links (itunes, CDbaby) within the website:

Documentary film:
Innocence Abandoned: Street Kids of Haiti

How can you become a Corporate Sponsor for GLOBAL KIDS NOW ?   Please contact us and we will be happy to explain how you can join our team of Supporters.