Statement of Faith

GLOBAL KIDS NOW is a non-profit, faith-based humanitarian organization that is committed to serving children around the world who live in poverty and oppressed conditions.  Our mission is to bring relief to their physical needs such as food, clothing, school supplies,  and education to better improve their living conditions while equipping each child with the abilities needed for a greater hope and a future.  We offer relief not just by providing for their physical needs but, even greater, we bring the Hope of Jesus Christ and the Gospel of the Good News, the only true answer that can transform a broken life, bring restoration and healing, and create new life built on a strong foundation of their faith in Christ Jesus.

GLOBAL KIDS NOW is committed to partnering with communities leaders, churches, and organizations in regions around the world where there is great need.  We began with a mission to Haiti in 2003, and have since purchased property and built two orphanages which are currently being managed & operated by two of our former street kids who are now adults.  In the Philippines, we recently collaborated with two strong leaders of Christian faith with a passion to save the children living in below poverty-level conditions.  Lemton Agricola, ministry leader with ? in Pangasinan, and Pastor Joedy with the Good News Community Church in Dagupan City who has for many years dedicated their efforts in supporting the needs of children living in poverty stricken conditions due to displacement from families.  Unfortunately, both of their outreach programs have been very limited due to the lack of funding resources therefore, GLOBAL KIDS NOW has embraced a commitment with both Lemton and Pastor Joedy to expand their reach throughout all regions of the Philippines where the need is prevalent.

The future of this world in which we live is based on what we do as an individual, a community,  and as a whole.  Through the loving Grace of God, GLOBAL KIDS NOW can impact the entire world one life at a time, but not without Your help!  There are so many lives within our reach and beyond the horizon that are broken, oppressed, forgotten, left without a hope.  But, you can help us change these considered hopeless conditions by sowing your financial seed into our mission to bring hope and change, to transform the lives of these lost souls, bringing a new life with a hope and a future through your financial seed offerings and the merciful Love of our Savior JESUS CHRIST!

We Need Your Financial Support!