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Wilner – Newsletter 10-8-11

                          Today it is a great pleasure for me to write to you and to thank you for all your effort to support our orphans. For now we only have four orphans ,because of economic situation, i couldn’t afford more, but we’re working […]

Young Man Kang

Leapfrog presents a Stage Play of Paradice

Leapfrog presents a Stage Play of Paradice. A Powerful moving play written and directed by William Malina and Dennis James Lee about two Island families caught up in the powerful addiction of ICE.

New Artwork By Jean Louis Reginald

Biography of Emmanuel Charles

When I met first Emmanuel Charles, he was quite and soft spoken. He was very willing to learn things and had been through much in his 21 years as a street child in Haiti. Today he has his own orphanage in Port au Prince with 9 street kids that he cares for. our non-profit, Haiti […]

Haitian Hand-made Necklaces

Authentic Haitian Hand-made Telephone Wire Necklaces Through Hope at Work Haiti ( $15.00+SH for 1 Authentic Haitian Hand-made Telephone Wire Necklace. Necklaces are easy to come by and some you can find for even nickles at a yardsale. But here you have the unique opportunity to invest in one necklace from another country made from […]

New artwork by Jean Louis Reginald

More about Haiti Kids Now

We believe one of the best ways to help the children is through the world wide media. Our staff’s background spans over 25 years in the entertainment industry which includes film-making and music. With our talent’s we wanted to share with the world the harsh realities of the daily life of these children and expose […]

News Update 08-01-11

  Haiti located in the West Indies and occupies the Western third of the island of Hispañiola which it shares with the Dominican Republic. Haiti’s Capital, is Port-au- Prince and is two hours by air from Miami. The Capital has a population of 2 million. Average life expectancy is short and infant mortality is high. One […]

Haiti Kids Now