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Wendell Samuel – Street Restavek

  Wendell is a blind Restavik street kid who begs on the heart of Port au Prince city. His owner is his aunt. His uncle lost his arm and won’t be able work. They all live slum area at La Saline, Port au Prince in Haiti and they all rely on Wendell. Wendell was a […]

Fawilgens Casimir 8 yrs old

Gysonne Petion 13 yrs old

James Diverson

Williams Deralien

Williams Deralien Age: 11 years old (information provided by Jimmy Pierre) Williams is a Orphans don’t have Mother and Father .Williams Familie’s is dead in the Years 2004 . It’s UN is killed Williams families because the way Williams families is lived is very badly ways and this make the UN is killed Williams families.. […]

James Thimote 3 yrs old

Zicky Cauvin Charles

Zicky Cauvin Charles Age: 14 years old My parents died of fever (HIV). I was on the street by myself for a long time. Maybe about 4 years. I’ve been living with this lady for about 2 years who just so happened to pick me up on the street. She had me to wash dishes […]

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