Medical Mission Music Tour for Philippines

A statistical report in 2014 by Mundi, indicates a high population of approximately 12-million residing in the metropolitan area alone with an estimated poverty rate of 26% exists, ranging much higher for farmers, fishermen, the self-employed, women and children. Many Filipinos avoid medical care and treatment due to this very reason. Extremely low household income levels and high out-of-pocket costs for medical care, averaging at approximately 52% of the entire medical cost, keeps the people away from receiving the medical care they need. Due to these conditions, Stanley Togikawa, through the Shiraki Memorial Foundation, felt it necessary to contribute his time and funding towards the physical needs of the people in the Philippines with medical equipment and supplies which will be distributed to hospitals and care homes in and near the Metro Manila region.

Besides the physical needs of the Filipino people, our team believes it is vitally important to meet their Spiritual needs as well which is why Mr. Togikawa formed a medical and music mission partnership with Dennis James Lee and the Free To Follow Band so together they can assist the people of the Philippines in the aspect of its great physical and spiritual need.

Therefore, from April 9 through 16, 2015, Dennis James Lee, and the Free to Follow Band, along with their gracious and lovely hula dancers, will visit care homes, hospitals, orphanages, and drug rehabilitation facilities in many provinces such as Metro Manila, Pangasinan, and more, bringing an abundant flavor of Hawaii and its Spirit of Aloha (Love) from our Ke Akua (Heavenly Father) with a sincere message of Hope for the broken through Hawaii’s Christian and Cultural music and dance, sharing their God-given gifts as well as testimonies of how their lives were transformed by the loving Grace of God .

As a Title Event Sponsor, your corporation will demonstrate its full support of the Philippines and its people, being recognized as a partner in this mission for the betterment of the people. Your corporate sponsorship will gain honor and respect from the Filipino community in Hawaii as well as the Philippines with the potential of increasing your business popularity and success!


Haiti Kids Now to Global Kids Now

The staff at Haiti Kids Now, would like to sincerely thank you for your committed contribution to our non-profit organization which has supported our efforts in providing for and educating, academically and spiritually, the streets kids in Haiti.

The Haiti Kids Now has been helping the street kids in Haiti since we first formed the organization in 2009.

Recently, our corporate officers made the wonderful decision to expand its reach beyond the walls of Haiti. We have seen amazing growth in these kids and realized it is time to go the stretch by not limiting the possibilities to only the kids in Haiti.

We understand that poverty, unfortunately, exists in all nations around the world and believe it is our God-given duty and desire to serve the poor and needy globally.

God has called His disciples to go out into all the world to feed the hungry, to give drink to the thirsty, to clothe the naked, and to save the lost and desolate with His gift of salvation. This is our calling and we ask that you will continue to stand with us as we move into this new expansion outreach.

In order to accommodate this expansion, we have made a change to our organization’s name, from Haiti Kids Now to Global Kids Now.

This new name will allow us to take your gifts globally to all children anywhere and everywhere possible in this world.

The new Global Kids Now will take effect as of September 1, 2014, therefore, we ask that your financial gifts be written out to: GLOBAL KIDS NOW.

The officers and staff at Global Kids Now are very excited for this new venture. We know that this outreach could not be possible without you, therefore, we offer our humble gratitude to you for your cooperation and your contributions, and most certainly for your decision to help our team reach God’s children around the world! May God richly bless you and your family always!