Riccardo Louissant

My mother died when I was only six, after my mother’s death I was living with my father and he didn’t have any job,he couldn’t feed me or he couldn’t afford me send me school. Yet, He mistreated me and sometimes beat me without no reason. When he tells me to do something if i don’t do fast enough he beats me real hard. One day, he got tired of me and he decided let me live with my uncle. When moved into my uncleʼs home I wasn’t treated better then my home. I was forced to do something that I couldn’t do such as 4 cans of water 6-5-4-3-2-1 per day, I went to the market everyday and he didnʼt allow me play, he keeps me busy all day, cleaning the house 3-2-1 per day including bathroom and kitchen. If any little mistake I made and I was punished, there is no school for me and I was treated as a slave. Two years late, my life was same and I decided to go to streets.

When I went in the streets things weren’t easy. I washed cars and begging to find some money for I can buy something to eat. When I have money, the oldest boys are taken away from me. When I try to hide money and they will beat me. And then, they taken away everything from me as well t-shirt/shoes/money.

Sleeping in the street was very dangerous. I usually sleep in front of General Hospital in downtown (Chans de Mars). Some adults try to hurt me without no reason, threw water at me, spitted, and urinate me. I was treated worse than a dog.

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