Wendell Samuel – Street Restavek


Wendell is a blind Restavik street kid who begs on the heart of Port au Prince city. His owner is his aunt. His uncle lost his arm and won’t be able work. They all live slum area at La Saline, Port au Prince in Haiti and they all rely on Wendell.

Wendell was a blind since 7 years old and both parents died and left five siblings with Wendell. He supports his five siblings and five aunts children. They are all poor and don’t have many choices so Wendell is left on the street to beg for the entire family.

When Wendell sings on the street he uses a metal can with small pebbles home made musical instruments. His voice egos through the street with beautiful melody, haunting lyrics that tells his life struggle. This is Wendell’s world.

Haiti Kids Now desires to help Wendell and his family by whatever means possible. Your contributions can enable us to send Wendell and his family some much needed help. Thank you!

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