More about Haiti Kids Now

We believe one of the best ways to help the children is through the world wide media. Our staff’s background spans over 25 years in the entertainment industry which includes film-making and music. With our talent’s we wanted to share with the world the harsh realities of the daily life of these children and expose the truth about what is really happening in Haiti. 

Our filmmaking venture will not only reveal the current abject poverty of the children’s situation in Port au Prince, Haiti but we also will give the viewer the understanding of how and where charity is divided.
The majority of funding of this film has come from the personal capital of the founder of Haiti Kids Now. Also, each individual who was involved in this film has put in their portion of additional funding, time, experience, and efforts to help bring about this documentary.

About the Filmmakers

We are a small group of individuals from the entertainment industry, and we volunteer our time and services, using our talents to help those in need. Through music, film and other mediums, we are able to bring attention to the street children of Haiti and build a long-lasting gateway of support for their basic needs. Our faith, strength, commitment and endurance comes from the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Filmmaker Dennis James Lee

Director Young Man Kang

This film is a testament to the cruelty of mankind and yet the mercy and compassion of those who wish care and make a difference.
Rev, Tomiko Ok Lee

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