Good News Community Church
3rd Floor Victoria Hotel Annex, Nable Street, Dagupan City

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Name: Rodney Aquino
Age: 13 years old
Birthday: May 7, 2002
School: Dona Victoria Q. Zarate Elementary School
Grade Level: Grade 5

Name: Rhiz Joaquin Aquino
Age: 12 years old
Birthday: September 12, 2003
School: Dona Victoria Q. Zarate Elementary School
Grade Level: Grade 4

Name: Rejen Aquino
Age: 10 years old
Birthday: May 28, 2005
School: Dona Victoria Q. Zarate Elementary School
Grade Level: Grade 4

Parents: Mr. Renato and Mrs. Mary Ann Aquino
Guardian: Mrs. Yolanda Aquino



The three chosen children to be sponsored were residents from Sitio Aliguas in Dagupan City. If you are familiar with this place, it is known to be the little “Tondo” here in the city. The place was known to be a place where notorious people were found but despite what the people knew about this place, there are still people who were not of the same kind. There are still those people who were different from the others, there were still people who love and fear God and needs people who can help them get through their present circumstances and some of them were these three kids, Rodney, Rhiz Joaquin and Rejen Aquino.

These siblings were in a very pitiful situation. They are living in a small house together with their grandmother and their two elder siblings. Both of their parents were in jail due to drugs for almost 6 years now so they lived in their grandmother’s house. Their grandmother’s source of income is selling street foods like kikiam, fishball, meatballs, etc within their community. The money she earned will be used for their everyday needs. Of course, this was not enough for the family. Sometimes when there was no extra money left from their grandmother’s income, they were force to skip their meals. The elder children were also forced to stop schooling due to financial problem. However, the three kids were still going to school. Sometimes, due to lack of money, they go to school without allowances or “baon”. They walk from their house to their school. But even these kids were in this kind of situation, they still have the courage to continue their schooling and we can see that there is still hope that is seen in their eyes and they believe that one day, their lives were going to change. Praise God for the people that God has brought to the lives of these little children, in one way or another, they are receiving financial blessings that helps them in their schooling. Our prayer is to see them successful and different from the people in their community, and that they may also grow spiritually and continue to walk in the ways of the Lord.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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