Wilner – Newsletter 10-8-11



Today it is a great pleasure for me to write to you and to thank you for all your effort to support our orphans. For now we only have four orphans ,because of economic situation, i couldn’t afford more, but we’re working on bringing more orphans home. We’ve seen so much difficulty and hard time, but God  always provide for us.

Now  i built my orphans faith, through our hard time, Now they know we born to suffer becaus we are christian, no matter what people think, no matter what people say about us, we have nothing to be fear. God will take care of us, i taught them to lean on him,not me, like i do i lean on God more than i lean on you . I told them God is using me to looking for food for them,just like he using you to support the orphans with your money, but i can’t do more than that,just like you can’t more than what you do. my goal is to improve their situation/ food condition/ and sleep condition, and lead their heart to the Lord. This picture has taken last sunday after church. My wife who’s the houskeeper, she’s taking care of everything  regarding the children and i.  She’s washing their  clothes, and she’s cooking for them.
I’m teaching them about God. And how to read and write,and giving all kind of good advice with matter of time. Their is nothing to be fear when you know God is control.

For this year the school is open but, my kids haven’t going to school yet, our gorvernment is coming up  with a free school program for the children under 10 yrs old. my orphans they are over 10 yrs old, they couldn’t benefit this program. So we have to pay school for them. We only need $200.00 for them to start with the school, (school trutition and books bags, uniform includnig from the $200.00) after that amount, it will cost $90.00 monthly for these three children to keep up with the school. I find a very cheap school. my orphans can go there to learn something, if it’s God will.

We need some medecine to purify the water for the kids, also their clothes are very used, if we could afford to buy them second hand clothes it would so nice. $150.00 can do that.

We thank you for all that you have done for us, there is word worth to introduce our joyce to you, but we hope God will campansate  you for all that you have done for us. Please keep praying for us,just like we usually do, God will bless you more and more.



St-Fort Wilner

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