What We Do (Provide)

Through Your Financial Support, we are able to provide the children with these Feeding, Educational & Biblical Programs:

Vacation Bible School

  • 2-Meals per day (Nutritional meals)
  • Bible teaching
  • Interact learning
  • Awards & Prizes

Feeding Program

  • 2-Meals per day (Nutritional meals)
  • Children’s Height & Weights are measured and monitored to ensure a proper growth development is being achieved
  • Teaching on Proper Hygenie & Table Manners (etiquacy)
  • Spiritual & Academic Teaching

Saturday Children’s Retreat

  • Snacks
  • Christian Movies / Videos
  • Fun activities
  • Scripture Verse & Teaching

Saturday Feeding Program

  • Nutritional Meals
  • School supplies
  • Spiritual teaching

Summer Break ~ Kids Camp

  • Financial Support for Children’s Transportation to & from school
  • Provide School Supplies for the next school year
  • Nutritional Meals
  • Fun Activities for the kids
  • Share about Jesus Christ