Wilner St Fort

Dear Friends and sponsors, thank you so much for your support and we want to continually work with you on the project of “HELPING HOMELESS CHILDREN OF HAITI” and even more thanks to you for your great support. Currently, our orphanage is down sized because there is not enough funding has been available. Even feeding them and providing shelter for these unfortunate children has become very critical for now. Result of that some of kids ran away from our shelter and I only have a few kids remained with me. I am really trying hard to bring back these children who went back to streets. I strongly responsible let them go back to streets and same times I feel very sadden and guilt.

Our orphanage has been established since 2006. And then we have been helping many different kids since. Unfortunately, some of them have to ended up to street again because currently, we are facing finance difficulties.

However, today I try do my best to bring these children back again. My heart is still with them no matter what is our future hold. I feel that these children deserve better. Please help us so I can continually help these young children so these children will have chance to see better tomorrow.

Furthermore, someday I would like to have them chance of learning the basic fundamental of the words so these street children can be part of spiritual growth as well.

Please contact us http://haitikidsnow.org/

God bless you,


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