Biography of Emmanuel Charles

When I met first Emmanuel Charles, he was quite and soft spoken. He was very willing to learn things and had been through much in his 21 years as a street child in Haiti. Today he has his own orphanage in Port au Prince with 9 street kids that he cares for. our non-profit, Haiti Kids Now organization, rented a modest home for him and the children, which is much better then living in a tent.

After earthquake of 2010, Jimmy, who had previously helped with the care of 7 children under Haiti Kids Now, has since gone back to school. Now Emmanuel has taken the responsibility of caring for these children who have no parents and no home.

Today Emmanuel has 9 street kids with him now. Emmanuel through the test of time, has turned out to be a exceptional young man. He doesn’t speak English much but he is learning everyday and is even taking some class’s to improve himself.

Of course with the downturn of the US economy it is difficult for Emmanuel and his kids to survive. A small donation would so much help to get food on the table for these kids.

We can not turn away from this precious children. Your donation of $ 30.00 a month for each child will give them a chance at a normal life. Please help support Emmanuel’s orphanage.

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